To-Do Today

30 Sep


1. Clean out interior spaces in bathroom:

  • closet
  • storage bins
  • medicine cabinet
  • basket behind commode

2. Scrub out tub

3. Mop bathroom floor


1. Daily cleaning (dishes, counters, stove top)

2. Give all exterior of oven a good scrub

3. Mop kitchen floor

4. Clean window sill behind sink.


1. Put the autumn tree the cat tried to kill back together.

2. Straighten all surfaces – Halloween decor up tomorrow.

3. Dust everything

4. Vacuum


1. Put together Hominy Casserole for dinner.

3. Burritos are in freezer – reheat.

4. Do I want to make cookies today? (nope)

5. Set some beans to soak overnight.


1. Work on elemental sampler.

2. Borrow daughter’s camera and get some pictures of the same!

I don’t know if I’ll get to all of this today or not, but it looks like a plan to me!

UPDATE:  Didn’t get a lot of this done (didn’t really expect to), but it’s because I got started in the kitchen and just kept going, finding places that needed cleaning.  I’ll carry on tomorrow with the rest.


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