What’s in a Name?

1 Oct

UPDATE:  Hello, Halloween Blog Partiers!  The entry you probably really want to see for October 1st is this one: October.

Oh dear… I need to change the name of this.  This is the name of an online journal I had long ago – but I let it drift then restarted.. then drift some more.  You know.

But I just came across another weblog using it and doing so far more intentionally than I am (it’s actually a column for a Tampa publication), so I need to think up a new name, at least on the front page (I don’t think I can change the url).

Think…think….think….  Any suggestions would be welcome, but either way I will be changing this shortly.

UPDATE: Ok, you know when you’ve got the right answer by how much it makes you laugh.

While washing dishes, I caught myself humming… a song I don’t think I’ve even thought about in at least a million years.  And then cracked myself up – because yep, that’s the title of this thing, already!

When you go looking, it finds you.

So..Table Scraps is now…. The Old Grey Mare. Ta da!


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